Octavia Alexandru | A New Addition in Game of Thrones

According to her agency’s website, 10 year old young actress Octavia Selena Alexandru has been cast in Game of Thrones  for the upcoming fourth season. Unfortunately, there are no details about her role as of yet.

**SPOILER Alert**

Personally, I have no idea who she could be playing (at least as a main character). However, it is possible that she could be taking on the role of Fake Arya. It is also quite possible that Bran’s storyline will be sped up, and Octavia could be playing Leaf.

There’s also the possibility of her playing a very, very minor role. We’ll surely have some concrete news about her role soon enough as Season 4 begins filming this month, but until then, we’ll leave the speculation to you!

Resume|Octavia Selena Alexandru

Performer Profile

Gender: Female
Height: 4 feet 7 in
Weight: 65 lbs
Age Range: 9 – 12
Physique: Athletic
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Eyes: Gray
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Voice Type: Soprano



Salt Young Vilde Medieoperatorene (Norway), Plesnar & Krauss FILMS (Poland), Aurora Film (Norway) Financed by Norwegian Film Institute, Fund for Sound and Image, NRK, East Norwegian Film Centre and YLE/ Director – Maria Lloyd
CARTOONITO STORYTELLING – THE SWAN LAKE Olivia – lead role Turner Entertainment Networks International Ltd
THE HOUSE Sylvia – lead role London College of Fashion/Director Sophie O’Neil
RED WAGON Maria Director Pam-Kelly Smith, Met Film School, Ealing Studios
Inspire me Young Lexi Jorja Hudson Films, London
Cartoonito Storytelling The Nutcracker The Fairy Ballerina Turner Entertainment Networks International


Got To Dance 2011 Semifinalist Princess Productions


The Train Line – Be Sensible The Little Girl Academy Films London
NOMS YOGURT The little Girl Global Chicken Weilands
WATCH UKTV The little Girl WATCH UKTV, Nexus Productions, Clemens Habitch


Ballerina Young Ballerina Director – Christine Tynkevych
Cache-Cache, Cours Lapin Lead role Gorgeous Production/Director Nadia Marquad Otzen

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Dancing, Comedian, Singing, Martial Arts
  • Athletic Skills: Aerobics, Gymnastics, Martial Arts
  • Accents: British
  • Spoken Languages: English, French
  • Dance: Ballet, Hip Hop, Irish Dance, Modern, Bhangra, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Club/Freestyle, Michael Jackson Style, Flamenco, Belly, Capoeira


  • Rambert Dance Company, London/UK, dance, Young Movers, 2013
    Contemporary Dance
  • West End Kids, London, Musical Theatre, Emma Williams, 2013
    Musical Theater/Dance/Singing
  • Pineapple Studios, London, dance, Maria Yacoob/Anthony King/Adam Pudney/Amber Doyle/Lil J/Sheila Sangster, 2013
    Jazz, contemporary, freestyle, classical ballet, tumbling, Michael Jackson Style, Street Hip Hop, Tap


  • Great Britain Dance Festival, First Place, 2009
    Young Ballet of London
  • Great Britain Dance Festival, Special Prize for the best Choreography, 2009
    Young Ballet of London

Employment Details

  • Work History: Internet, Film, Music Video, Theater, Commercial, Television
  • Job Categories: Acting
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United Kingdom
  • Valid Passport: Yes
  • Prior Job Title 1: Actress
  • Prior Job Title 2: Actress\Dancer
  • Prior Job Title 3: Actress/Dancer

6 thoughts on “Octavia Alexandru | A New Addition in Game of Thrones

  1. spoiler********
    she looks too young to play fake arya,and in the book she is even older than arya, but like we know they dont always follow the book like it is..

    • Yeah, After the dramatic and emotional scene of #TRW; (a single blow in the Rob stark’s wife Talisa’s pregnant belly, It made it more terrific than it sounded in the book). anything can happen…
      Anyhow, nobody can play a better role of Arya Stark than the Maisie Williams

  2. Also too young for a Myrcella Lannister? I mean Baratheon *cough*. She was eight at the start of the show, this girl looks 7 in the photo, but it says shes 9-12, so might look the right age on screen. Ok, sorry for dragging you into my thought process…Might be Myrcella. I know Aimee Richardson played her, but maybe she needs replacing?

    I also thought about her playing the Waif, but I think it’s something we’d only see in season 5, then again, you never know.

    • “Myrcella Lannister” is not a strong character as that of “Arya Stark”. So, there’s no need of even thinking of her. As far as Octavia is concerned, the most probable chances of her is playing “Leaf”.
      In the next season, according to the book, another strong character is coming, naming “Leaf”. Bran would dream about her, and she would look no older than himself or one of his sisters. In future, she will safe bran and his fellows.
      So, with the previous experience of ” THE SWAN LAKE” & “THE HOUSE”, she is a strong candidate for the “Leaf” character.
      In the end, again, Who knows?

      • She cannot be the “fake Arya” as she has always been described as being older than Arya, she was more of Sansa’s age. This girl looks considerably younger than Arya. Jeyne Poole had dark hair and brown eyes, also quite different from what we have here (not that that matters much in the series, e.g Mopatis and Xaro).

        Another point against Octavia being Jeyene is that she is FAR too young to get married to Snow, and FAR too young to be included in any sexual/torture scene, it would just be wrong.

        She could be Leaf, and if she could be leaf, chronologically, she could be the Waif too.

        Strong character or not, I do not think Myrcella should be completely wiped out in this list. She will probably appear, though very little. The Martells are coming, and Oberyn Martell has been cast. The only thing going against this chance is the fact that it would have to be a recast, and it has already been said that Richardson was working on her tan for next season

      • Of course, she is far too young to be married to Snow or any other sexual harassment scenes…
        Yep It’s too young to play Fake Arya but there are still some odds in her favor.
        I myself think that she will be the “Leaf”, as she just fits the description of “Leaf” character as mentioned in the book “A dance with dragons”…

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