Top 5 TV Series | Worth Watching This Summer

Many People including me are bored and looking forward to the end of this long, hot summer. Many TV series like #Arrow, #Homeland, #How I Met your Mother, and #The Vampire Diaries etc are starting in the fall.
Well don’t need to be so miserable. There is still a silver lining; or should I say, Linings. As #Showtime, #MTV, #abc & #Starz still have surprises for us.

  • Dexter (June 30-2013)
    “When Showtime released this poster for the eighth and final season of “Dexter” at the beginning of May, the show’s fans immediately and furiously speculated as to what the imagery meant. Was the image literal, portending that Dexter Morgan‘s fate was indeed sealed and his demise guaranteed? Or was it metaphorical? After all, what with all of the death he’s dealt out — or caused secondhand by his actions — wouldn’t that be the only just ending for Miami’s murderous blood-spatter analyst? Or is that too simple of a resolution for the acclaimed but controversial drama?dexter
  • Teen Wolf (June 3-2013)
    “A somewhat awkward teen is attacked by a werewolf and inherits the curse itself, as well as the enemies that come with it.” Teen Wolf

  • Under the Dome (June 24-2013)
    “An invisible force field descends upon a small town in the northeastern part of the United States.”under the dome
  • The White Queen (June 16-2013)
    “About a Women caught up in the conflict for the throne of England”the white queen
  • Pretty Little Liars (June 11-2013)
    “Four friends band together against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, whilst unraveling the mystery of the murder of their best friend.”Pretty Little Liars

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