The First One | Pilot- Season Freaks

There are two kinds of people:

  • One, who hates entertainment and keep themselves busy in their tight schedule
  • The other are those who like to fantasize and  try to find themselves in different TV series characters

The last one are called Season Freaks. Like it or not, you are a Season Freak. Make hundreds of  excuses, try everything to justify your lust for seasons, you ARE a Season Freak.

To be one of us (Season Freak), is not an easy process. Many ingredients are needed; right temperature,  correct amount of passion, cent percent commitment, & following the #SeasonFreaks blog.

There are multiple stages of becoming a Season Freak:

  • First one is –Earshot:  Hearing something movie-like but with longer lasting effect !
  • Friend’s influence: Seeing your friend watching enthusiastically a Spartacus’ episode 😀
  • Wondering: that what is so passionate about it?
  • Exposure: “What the heck…?”, & watch an episode
  • Addiction: Then another episode back to back & completing the first season in single night
  • Denial:  Mixed feelings in the next day. Both embarrassment & enchantment on your friend’s question: “So how was it?”
  • Acceptance: As someone said: First Comes Denial – And Then Acceptance. Finally, you begin to watch the seasons “officially”.
  • Extracurricular ActivitiesNow the ground step of becoming a season freak starts here. All you extracurricular activities merge into sole activity. i.e, SEASONS !
  • Stamina: Your stamina of sitting on the couch increases & of running decreases
  • Physical Changes: There are some physical changes in your body, which usually you don’t like
  • Eat, Pray, Love: All of these seem irrational. But there is a conflict in the last one
  • Social Networks: Tweeting and updating your wall posts with season-related news become your sole purpose
  • Season Freak: Finally, after last 5 crucial stages, you beCome a Season Freak !

So tell us at which stage are you at right now and don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook.
Season Freaks


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